Just recently I was listed on the All About Photo website/photography portal – link to the Rogan Coles page.

Regarding All About Photo, I don’t think I can put it any better than what they have to say for themselves, this from their About page:

“All About Photo was born from the realization that no site on the web regroups portfolios, photo labs, framing stores, equipment and studio rentals, camera repair shops, schools, agencies, museums, galleries, institutes and centers, photo contests, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, fairs and festivals, books, online and paper magazines, in-depth interviews and articles as well as news of the photography world, all in one place. Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related.

The result is one of the most far-reaching online magazine where you can find everything related to photography. We seek to present exceptional work from around the world as well as meaningful resources.

Since its creation in 2013, All About Photo also presents an international perspective on contemporary photography, with an eye toward beauty, artistic significance and timeless quality”.

All About Photo was founded by Sandrine Hermand-Grisel. She is also the editor of the portal and it’s associated magazine – check it out at this link AAP Magazine.

The All About Photo portal hosts an interesting collection of interviews featuring photographers from across the spectrum of photography. There’s a regular roster of curated photo contests whose results are featured in the AAP magazine. There are comprehensive listings related to the photographic “industry”, if we should call it that. Included are product reviews, photography related events, photo publications, venues and more.

All About Photo also features one of the more comprehensive listings of photographers – both past and present. For each of the photographers listed, there’s a portfolio of their photography, a biography plus various references to their person and/or their work.

In my particular listing, I chose to feature photography from my Smithfield Market project as I feel this work best demonstrates my “oeuvre” – as in, what I do as photographer, as a social documentary photographer, as a visual story teller to be more specific. I mean, this is basically who I am and what I do. I could have featured some of my more recent work – as in the photography now featured on the Behance website. But, in essence, the Smithfield Market project is a starting point.

As a side note, we are adding new content, expanding our product range and planning on updating this website soon. Stay tuned.

About Rogan Coles
With over four decades of professional working experience in the field, Rogan produces images that are telling and compelling. His expertise in corporate branding and architectural photography has earned him a reputation as an accomplished professional in these fields. On the flipside – Rogan’s passion is social documentary photography and visual storytelling. As a visual storyteller, Rogan brings his own unique perspective to each of his projects, capturing the essence of the story being told. Rogan has worked extensively on architectural, corporate and editorial assignments across Asia, in the UK, Canada and across southern Africa.

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