We have just added a new range of PDF photo eBooks to our web store. Much the same picture content as in the the mini series except that the new eBooks are now larger – as in 8 inches by 10 inches wide – landscape format.

The new and larger eBooks are priced at US$25 per download. Yes, each PDF photo eBook is a downloadable file. The idea is to download the photo eBook and store it on your device or computer for your viewing pleasure. For the more adventurous, the images on each page of the eBook can be printed.

All in all, we now have a collection of 16 eBooks – 8 in the mini series and 8 in the “8 inch x 10 inch” series. Our store can be found at this link – the Lost Years Project SHOP.

While we are exploring some “flip book” options, at this point in time, this is not something that we are offering.

The images featured in each of the eBooks are the same as those featured on the Lost Years Portfolio pages.

With the larger eBooks, we’ve had to watermark the images. The reason being that, unfortunately, among us, there are certain individuals who seem to have taken it upon themselves to capitalise on my efforts. Kind of sad. But, we live on in hope.

In time to come, we hope to be selling individual and signed prints of the work featured on the LOST YEARS PROJECT website. If this is something you’re interested, please me know in the comments below.


About Rogan Coles
With over four decades of professional working experience in the field, Rogan produces images that are telling and compelling. His expertise in corporate branding and architectural photography has earned him a reputation as an accomplished professional in these fields. On the flipside – Rogan’s passion is social documentary photography and visual storytelling. As a visual storyteller, Rogan brings his own unique perspective to each of his projects, capturing the essence of the story being told. Rogan has worked extensively on architectural, corporate and editorial assignments across Asia, in the UK, Canada and across southern Africa.

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