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“The Lost Years Project” features the black and white photography of Rogan Coles. This particular image archive has its beginnings in the mid-1970’s and tails off in the mid-1990’s – hereinafter referred to as “The Lost Years”.

The purpose of the Lost Years Project website is to generate a broader interest in and great understanding of Rogan’s photography over this period.

The purpose of the project is to raise funds – through crowd sourcing and other collaborative means – to “rescue” this archive.

The archive itself is a collection of close to a dozen volumes of film based negative files. With the appropriate funding, our purpose is to digitise the archive and to bring selections of the work to a larger, appreciative audience. What we have up here on this website is a small sampling of the work emanating from this archive.



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This website represents something of a huge turn. After decades – well, nearly the past two decades – of depending on shared web hosting, we’ve now moved our websites on to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Doing something like this didn’t come without a massive effort – as in coming to terms with the technology and on how to deploy it all effectively. Nothing in this world is perfect – especially so in the realms of digital technology. Thus, this effort is still very much a work in progress.

To develop and create this site, the following tools and services are currently deployed to provide what we now have in place here. Included are:

  • The front end of this website is based on Leore, a creative photography HTML theme by Loco Theme and modified to work on the WordPress platform.
  • The web site’s back-end operations and functions are provided by WordPress.
  • Our VPS is hosted by DigitalOcean LLC.

As they say, “Great work is seldom created by chance”. Nor is great work created alone or in the dark, so to speak. And then, there are times I have to wonder, this after sitting alone in front of a keyboard for hours at a time and for days on end. The development of this particular web site has been long in the making. Essentially it involved converting a wonderful HTML theme into a dynamic website that I could host on WordPress. With this I get WordPress’s blogging features. Also, I have managed to put together an on-line web store.

In the process of putting all this together, there have been many who have helped me out in one capacity or other – some known, many unknown. I would like to thank all those who have participated in the making and development of this site – thank you so much.



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