The Lost Years – an 8×10 PDF Photo eBook


“The Lost Years” is a downloadable 10 page 8″ x 10″ PDF photo eBook featuring images of the South African music scene in the mid-1980’s. All photography by Rogan Coles.


This product is a downloadable 10 page 8″ x 10″ PDF photo eBook featuring images of the South African music scene in the mid-1980’s entitled “The Lost Years” with photography by Rogan Coles.

About this PDF book: “This collections of images is so named because, to be frank, these were indeed “lost years”. At the time when these pictures were made in the mid-1980’s, these musicians and others of that time were making some of the finest music of that era – as in world class. And yet, all this creativity and culture was “backgrounded” by various factors. Much of this work was something of antidote to the commercial photography I was doing at the time. And besides, no one was really interested in what I was doing. These were pre-Internet and social media times. All the printed media of the day had their own in-house photographers. The overseas picture agencies and the international media they were feeding were more taken up with the political upheavals of that time. Anything cultural rated zero. As a result, these images were filled away never to see the light of day – until now that is.”

There are 10 images in each of these PDF photo books. The download file is a zipped file contains 2 PDF files – the book cover and back page + the contents of the book itself. The cover picture is also include in as part of the content’s picture selection. Download the zip file, “unzip” the file and the 2 files should be made available for your viewing pleasure. The images featured in this eBook can be viewed in this gallery here on this website.

The “photo books” is this 8 x 10 inch series are all about photography. The PDF pages can be printed. If this is indeed your intent, please use a good printer and print out the pages on the printer’s recommended photo paper. Each page should yield a print slightly less than 10 inches wide [less for a vertical images].

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