Refund and Returns Policy


Since we only offer and sell digital downloads, returns and refunds don’t usually apply. It’s that simple. 

The images in each of the downloadable PDF eBooks are all on display in the various galleries on this, the LOST YEARS PROJECT website. We assume that, before you make your purchase, you have viewed the images that are specific to any of the eBook titles.

That once any of these eBooks has been downloaded, it doesn’t make any sense to attempt to return a download. This doesn’t quite work. It’s a bit like buying a chocolate, sampling the goods and then, finding the chocolate not to your liking, you return the wrapper to the store and ask for refund. Kind of odd.

About the only time we may offer a “refund” –  and it will only be a partial return – is if you made a mistake in your initial purchase – as in selecting the wrong eBook. We will offer an exchange, but you will need to pay to download the eBook you wish to exchange. I hope this is clear to you?

Need help?

Contact us our sales people for questions related to refunds and returns.