Thank You

Thank you so much. This is to let you know that your donation has been received. Your support is truly appreciated.

We have a lot going on here including:

  • * Adding a new image gallery featuring images of well known musicians,
  • * Adding two more new titles to our eBook series – featuring images from the above gallery + a random selection of favourite images including Tickey the Clown, and
  • * We’re going to offer the eBook series in a larger size.

Also, the Lost Years Project website is scheduled for a massive update. While we still like the frontend – being quite unique in it’s own way – the backend operations are now seriously dated. More a matter of keeping the look and feel of the website but speeding up it’s operations and “cleaning” up some the pages and their layout.

Hope to see you back here soon.

Thanks again for your esteemed patronage.

Best wishes

From Rogan Coles and the Lost Years Project team.